How are you cooking yours this year?

The only indoor rotisserie turkey fryer!

This is the indoor fryer with a rotating rotisserie that cooks a crispy, succulent whole turkey faster and without the nuisance of outdoor frying. Using 1/3 less oil than typical vats, this fryer can cook an 18-lb. turkey in a little over an hour.

The unit's alternating-rotating spit slowly turns the bird as it cooks, producing a uniformly crisp exterior and moist, flavourful meat. With the rotisserie removed, the cooker becomes a standard deep fryer for family-sized portions of French fries or battered fish. An indicator that lights when the 1800-watt heating element is ready (175º F to 375º F), a 120-minute timer, and an included meat thermometer help to ensure delicious results. The unit automatically shuts off if oil overheats, and a front-mounted spigot makes it easy to drain the 2 1/2-gallon stainless steel reservoir. It easily converts for use as a steamer, big enough for clambakes. With stainless steel vented lid and aluminium cooking basket.

Happy Christmas!