How do you know which wine you'll like - do the maths!

How people select and enjoy wine is about to change. Just launched, Taste Factor, a start-up wine sales company, will help consumers discover wines tailored to their individual tastes via a wine recommendation engine that uses sophisticated algorithms usually home to academia and NASA.

Taste Factor's engine takes member ratings, aggregates them, and applies a patented process to determine which wines a member will love.  Taste Factor then sends these wines to members every month and guarantees they have a great experience.

"A question we kept asking ourselves was how we can help people discover wine they will love and break the traditional mould of relying on other people's subjective – and often wrong -- suggestions," said Zack Crafton , Taste Factor's co-founder and CEO.  "We realized that the key isn't trying to mathematically deconstruct a wine but to find complex patterns in our member's rating history.  Applying proven mathematical principles works and we're incredibly excited to introduce members to wines they'll be passionate about."

Each month, Taste Factor sends people their top three recommended bottles of wine. Unlike traditional "wine of the month" clubs, Taste Factor's program builds off of member-submitted ratings that improve the accuracy of recommendations for every member (not just your own). As each month passes, Taste Factor builds more data and sends members wines that are increasingly tailored to the consumer's tastes.  After a few months, Taste Factor knows the member's palate preferences – even as their tastes evolve - and recommends wine that is unique, limited, and fun.

Taste Factor hand selects wine from reputable wineries from across the country. Each wine is chosen by a Napa Valley winemaker with a focus placed on artisanal wines that reflect unique vineyards, vintages and techniques. Taste Factor has partnered with Wine Direct, also a Facebook Gifts fulfillment partner, to bring three tailored wine selections to its members each month for a subscription price of $60.