Hunger Hits the Western World of Waste

It’s hard to stomach that in the United States 21 million children face real hunger every day of their lives and the numbers are increasing in the UK. Even harder to digest is the fact that the UK, US and Europe have nearly twice as much food as is required by the nutritional needs of their populations. Up to half the entire food supply is wasted between the farm and the fork. If crops wastefully fed to livestock are included, European countries have more than three times more food than they need, while the US has around four times more food than is needed, and up to three-quarters of the nutritional value is lost before it reaches people's mouths.

On November 18th in Trafalgar Square various organisations such as Love Food Hate Waste, Recycle for London, Friends of the Earth, Food Cycle and School Food Matters are cooking food to feed 5000 people from ‘imperfect’ food. It aims to highlight just how much perfectly good food is thrown away because it doesn’t meet European Union standard for size, shape or colour.