Ice Cream Trends 2020

Well, it's that time of year again, folks, where we take a look at the top ice cream trends hitting the globe this summer. As ever, this category has thrown up some exciting flavours and formats for us to lick, slurp and no doubt drip down our shirts.

It would be remiss of us not to mention impact the tumultuous first half of the year has had on ice cream, like so much else! However, whether it was delivered to our door or homemade one thing is for certain - our desire for the cold stuff has not wavered.

One of the hottest topics in ice cream is plant-based and vegan ice creams. Last year we separated out plant-based and dairy ice creams, but with plant-based so mainstream, regardless of the ice cream base, if it is mixed, churned and frozen, we have included it here.

Ice Cream To You

A necessary trend born out of lockdown has been of delivery. Obviously, the big challenge to overcome with ice cream is how to keep it cold. Most have set a geographical limit to their deliveries in order to manage delivery, and thus melting times. However, Chin Chin Ice Cream in London has now started offering nationwide delivery by super freezing the ice cream with liquid nitrogen and transporting the tubs in a poly box full of dry ice. This way they can keep the ice cream chilled for 36 hours.


Lockdown in the UK coincided with the hottest spring that the UK has ever seen and with more time being spent in our kitchen than ever before, it is no surprise that we saw a boom in homemade ice cream. From simple no-churn sorbets to at home copies of classic ice creams, home cooks and professional chefs posted and published scores of chilled recipes all over social media.

Sublime Sandos

An ice cream snack that is hard to believe could be any more popular is the humble ice cream sandwich. This nostalgic treat has become the watchword for indulgent creative collaborations. How about a matcha ice cream in a chocolate malt muffin, Dulche de leche soft-serve and caramelised Brazilian brioche? With that said, there has been a movement in some places back to the classic ice cream wafer - perhaps signalling a return to simpler times.

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