IKEA's Famous Meatballs Go Vegan

The vegan version is made from a combination of pea proteins, oats, apples and potatoes, creating the 'plant balls' and offering a sustainable alternative to their traditional meatballs as part of their greater commitment to reducing their carbon footprint; with these vegan balls producing a staggering 96% smaller carbon footprint.

IKEA's meatless alternatives are also intended to support customers who are eager to reduce their overall meat consumption, without sacrificing the familiar taste and texture of the Swedish meatballs which have become a classic offering at the IKEA café. The Swedish giants are confident that the meatless incarnation is so good, that the appeal shall be alluring to even the most ardent meat eaters.

August shall see these new meatballs launched across 290 locations in Europe, with further expansion anticipated soon after, available both in IKEA cafés and their in store frozen food market section.