Imminent Future of Food 2020

There was much anticipation ahead of an evening set to inform us of Bompass & Parr's six major trends for the Imminent Future of Food in 2020, with plenty to leave all thinking hard at the end of the night.

Flavour Implants

The future may hold the capabilities to utilise brain implants in order to manipulate the signals upon which we rely to taste, with the future minded Elon Musk developing the Neuralink implant, potentially merging mind and machine together. Though the fundamental reasoning behind creating such a device is to help those who are unable to taste or experience significant difficulties in doing so. Beyond this however, there is the possibly of being able to deliver our favourite tastes to the brain, without having to consume the relevant food source; anyone for roast dinner tasting lettuce?

Shift Your Dreams

Though there has long been held old wives tales and myths about certain food or drink having an influence upon your dreams, we could finally be entering a time where it is demonstrable as to how these can impact upon our nocturnal thoughts. Realistically, the greater focus is likely to be upon tweaking your diet to improve the quality of the sleep you bank, as well as perhaps swerving those unwanted anxiety dreams too.

Data Diet

It can seem like a superabundance of information at our fingertips nowadays, especially when it comes to our daily activities and the food we consume to keep us going. By combining the devices with which we use to document this, whether consciously or not, could be the creation of tailored diets which communicate with various parts of your life; including the types of excercise, shopping ordered and even when you should be eating.

You can view the full list of learnings from 2020's Imminent Future of Food presentation by Bompass & Parr here.