In Conversation With Alessandro Savelli

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In this thought-provoking and motivating episode, Alessandro Savelli - CEO & Founder of Pasta Evangelists joins Charles to discuss:

  • The founding inspiration behind Pasta Evangelists
  • The importance of passion beyond a great business idea
  • The Pasta Evangelists vision and purpose
  • The Dragon's Den story - from rejection to a Barilla majority share holding
  • What Barilla's input means to the business
  • Dark kitchens, always part of the plan and a profitable route to market
  • The future of delivered food
  • Why pasta is so loved in the UK, and how community resonate's with him
  • And the future of Pasta Evangelists.

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Look out for our next TFP In Conversation With... episode where we'll be talking restaurant dining kits at home with David Swann, founder of Star Chefs UK. David joins us to talk about the founding inspiration for the concept, the 'unsung' chef talents that Star Chefs UK are heroing and the role of chef/restaurant dining kits in the post-COVID world now that hospitality has re-opened in the UK. In addition he'll be discussing how to manage and elevate the in home meal box experience, some of the exciting chef collaborations that he's working on, what, as a consumer, makes these experiences unique and his hopes for home dining experiences into the future.

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