In Conversation With Alysha Darcy - Co-Founder of Melbourne Public Group

We're delighted to share with you, the 11th episode in the 'TFP in conversation with' series, which features people, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs from across the food & drink world - finding out more about why they do what they do, their purpose, how they see the future and how, in their way, they are championing change and shifting the future of food & drink.

In this episode, Charles speaks to Alysha Darcy, Co-Founder of Melbourne Public Group about their new enterprise that with the 'health of hospitality' very much at its heart, is uniting the industry in the wake of COVID-19 to a new 'healthier' era of business. Alysha talks about her experiences as a child of being born into pubs and hospitality, what's broken with the hospitality industry right now, the 'squeeze' of the industry, her experience of running hospitality in the COVID-era, the importance of purpose and her intent to transform the hospitality industry into a new era of that brings together like minded people to share intelligence for the greater good. In addition, Alysha shares her views on what the 'health' of the industry means at a business, people and spiritual level, their plans to deliver a podcast series and summit to discuss and debate what's great about food and beverage but also find solutions for the bigger issues need to be fixed.

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