In Conversation With EverGrain

We're delighted to share the latest episode of 'TFP In Conversation With' - talking to the team at EverGrain who are committed to realising the untapped potential of barley.

The series features people, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs from across the food & drink world - finding out more about why they do what they do, their purpose, how they see the future and how, in their way, they are championing change and shifting the future of food & drink.

In this thought-provoking and informative episode of 'TFP In Conversation With', Charles speaks with Greg Belt, EverGrain CEO, Jacqui Hochreiter, EverGrain Sustainability Director, and Neville Moon, EverGrain UK Product Development, about saved grain, its previously unrealised potential, and its outstanding hidden nutritional value.

In Conversation With - Series 2, Episode 6

In addition to this, Greg, Jacqui & Neville join Charles to discuss...

- The deeper 'why' behind EverGrain and the problems it aims to solve
- Why saved grain shouldn't be looked at as waste or a bi-product
- The role that saved grain will have in the face of future global challenges to nourish an ever-growing population
- What the future holds for EverGrain - utilising nutrients and realising the potential in everything

... and much more!

If you would like more information about EverGrain, have any questions or would like a sample, please get in touch with the EverGrain team using the contact details below.
+44 (0)7795 564976

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