In conversation With Hannah Catley - Pastry Chef & Owner Of Lock-Down Loaves

We're delighted to share with you, the 2nd episode in the 'TFP in conversation with' series, which features people, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs from across the food & drink world - finding out more about why they do what they do, their purpose, how they see the future and how, in their way, they are championing change and shifting the future of food & drink.

In this inspirational episode, Charles speaks to Hannah Catley – Pastry Chef, Owner of Lock-Down Loaves, Bristol. Hannah, ex pastry chef at Chiltern Firehouse and Allegra talks about how she's turned her experiences in the COVID-19 lockdown into a business opportunity, her vision and key principles and the importance of putting community at the heart of her new venture. In addition Hannah discusses the products she wants to be famous for, the measures that she has taken in designing Lock-Down Loaves to future proof against possible pandemic related lockdowns and the bakeries around the world that have inspired her new venture.

Click the link below to watch the full video.

Look out for our next 'thefoodpeople in conversation with' where we'll be speaking to Michelin Star Chef Atul Kochhar about his purpose, what inspires him and how he's innovated in the COVID-era of food and drink.

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