In Conversation With Illtud Dunsford, Cellular Agriculture Ltd

We're delighted to share with you, the 4th episode in series 2 of 'TFP In Conversation With', that features people, businesses, brands and entrepreneurs from across the food & drink world - finding out more about why they do what they do, their purpose, how they see the future and how, in their way, they are championing change and shifting the future of food & drink.

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In this intriguing and informative episode, Charles speaks with Illtud Dunsford, Farmer, Agri-Food Consultant, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellular Agriculture Ltd, to debunk cellular meats. In addition to this, Illtud joins Charles to talk about:

  • Commercialising cellular meats and the hurdles ahead – cost, scalability, acceptance and legislation
  • The story and purpose of Cellular Agriculture Ltd
  • The fundamental processes and principals of cellular agriculture - what actually happens?
  • The practical applications of this technology
  • How accreditation systems will need to evolve to make this a reality
  • Foetal bovine-serum, can it be plant-based?
  • When will we be able to buy cellular products in the UK?
  • What cellular meat means for the future of the animal agriculture industry
  • Illtud's vision for the future of agricultural systems embracing animals, plants and cellular agriculture


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