In Conversation With James Strawbridge

We're delighted to share with you, the 15th episode in the 'TFP in conversation with' series where we discuss all things Cornish, local and sustainable with James Strawbridge - Chef, Author and Food Photographer.In this creative and thought-provoking episode James joins us to talk about:

  • The start of his food journey and the common thread that joins up his work.
  • His key pillars to living and cooking more sustainably.
  • Techniques that he uses in the kitchen to add value to raw ingredients that also help mitigate waste.
  • His 5 tips for sustainable living, cooking and eating and what 'local' means to him.
  • The excitement and his love of cooking outdoors and over fire.
  • His guiding principles and ethics around sourcing meat and the nuances of seasonal food sourcing.
  • What he sees as some of the positive and negative impacts/influences that COVID has had on our food landscape and relationship with food.

Click here to watch a taster of the episode or click below for the full video.

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