Innovate Beverage Power Prevents Drinks Going Flat

In late 2016, Global Ionics LLC, introduced the Beverage Power, a drinking vessel that is powered by the human body, along with a patented circuit, and one AAA battery, to generate a small, safe electric current within any beverage. The results and benefits are astounding. While most drinks normally sit in a glass going flat, a drink in a Beverage Power glass stays fresh for hours. The device uses tongue sensory to its fullest potential keeping drinks cold, enhancing flavours, and even bringing a flat drink back to life.

At CE Week New York 2016, Beverage Power (along with LG, Epson, Lenovo, Kodak, and Samsung) was one of 10 companies selected as a "Best in Show" winner. Ken Davidov, CEO of Global Ionics, says his groundbreaking beverage device is the only one in the world that can claim Every Sip is Like the First Sip. "That line says it all and the thousands of consumer electronic industry professionals that got a chance to test our device first hand were blown away. From the moment a drink is poured, flavors are more pronounced and taste is maintained from first sip to last sip."

The low-cost Beverage Power device can attach to any cup, glass, or bottle. Fill with your favourite beverage. While drinking, your hand touches the metal "acti-strip" on the side of the cup. Once the beverage enters the mouth, users See the Light on the bottom of the cup indicating the electric circuit is complete. There are no on/off switches.

Davidov envisions this electric beverage device as a game-changer for 2017. "We see it already with our oral care products. Consumers love being part of a new experience, but they want to see a benefit. Creating signature glassware for beer, spirit, and sparkling beverage makers that can accommodate bars & restaurants is a priority, along with developing a branded line for retail. Consumers will love powering their own drink and being able to See the Light. Most importantly, their beverages will not go flat."

Find out more about the brand here.