Innovative Inmyel Freezer Cube Helps Consumers Cut Food Waste

Freezing food just got easier with the Inmyel Freezer Cube. Designed to freeze and efficiently store homemade heat-and-eat meals or meal ingredients in quart-size zipper closure freezer bags, the Inmyel Freezer Cube is perfect for any household. It's simple to use and environmentally-friendly by allowing consumers to drastically cut food waste in their homes. No longer will consumers have to throw away food, like fruits and vegetables, that are past their prime. They can simply take this food and turn it into nutritious meals or smoothies and freeze them for a later date.

According to a recent report by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Resources Institute, about one-third of all food produced worldwide (around U.S. $1 trillion) is lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems. In the United States, 30 to 40 percent of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. In addition, according to a report from Value Chain Management International, Inc., Canadians waste $31 billion of food every year, and 47 percent of that is wasted in the home.

"Many people throw away hundreds of dollars' worth of food over the course of a year that could otherwise be made into meals and frozen for a later date," says Sharon Jones, founder and CEO of Inmyel Inc. "Vegetables past their prime and leftover proteins can easily be made into a freezer-friendly soup or stew, and fruits into a ready-to-go smoothie, with the Inmyel Freezer Cube."

The Inmyel Freezer Cube's sides and shelves feature multiple airflow holes to speed up the freezing process and help preserve food quality. Designed to fit most standard home freezers, the cube can freeze up to five-quart size bags of food that are easy to store, thaw and reheat for a quick, convenient meal.

"Replacing manufactured frozen entrees with homemade heat-and-eat meals frozen flat in quart-size zipper closure bags not only saves space in the freezer, but consumers are left with less packaging to recycle after they have enjoyed their meal," adds Jones.

The Inmyel Freezer Cube also allows people to make healthier food choices. While food manufacturers offer convenient heat-and-eat meals, they are often costly and don't always offer the best nutritional choices. Buying food ingredients in bulk and making recipes ahead of time allows people to save money and eat healthier. Once made, the heat-and-eat meals serve to be a convenient, healthy option for those who may want to simply eat healthier or portion control their meals. The Inmyel Freezer Cube is also an asset for those who find it challenging to cook for one person, juggling family responsibilities, or trying to manage their diet.

"Today's consumers are focused on healthier eating. Preparing homemade meals allows them to control the ingredients that make the meal," says Jones. "Making and freezing meals ahead of time with Inmyel Freezer Cube is also a great way to create calorie-controlled portions for weight loss plans."

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