Innovative System Makes Freezing Heat-and-Eat Meals a Breeze

If you're someone who looks for a simple, convenient way to freeze and store homemade food for a quick and easy meal, look no further than the Inmyel Freezer Cube. The freezer cube recently became available for purchase on and

Designed to freeze and efficiently store pre-made meals or meal components, the Inmyel Freezer Cube is a uniquely designed shelving system for your freezer. Simply prepare meals ahead of time, place portions in a freezer bag and store them in the Inmyel Freezer Cube for quick and easy mealtimes.

The Inmyel Freezer Cube's sides and shelves feature multiple airflow holes to speed up the freezing process and help preserve food quality. Designed to fit most standard home freezers, the Inmyel Freezer Cube can freeze up to five flat bags of food that are easy to store, thaw and reheat for a quick, convenient meal.

"The Inmyel Freezer Cube is ideal for soups, stews, rice pilafs and spaghetti sauces to name a few," says Inmyel creator Sharon Jones. "When preparing a meal, simply double or triple the recipe and use the cube system to freeze the extra. Then you'll have a homemade meal ready to heat and eat when you don't have time to cook."

The Inmyel Freezer Cube is not only a convenient freezer storage solution; it also allows people to make healthier food choices. While food manufacturers offer convenient heat-and-eat meals, they are often costly. Buying food ingredients in bulk and making recipes ahead of time allows people to save money and eat healthier, too.

"Today's consumers are focused on healthier eating. Preparing homemade meals allows you to control the ingredients that make your meal," says Jones. "Making and freezing meals ahead of time with the Inmyel Freezer Cube is also a great way to create calorie-controlled portions for weight loss plans."

Find out more about the brand and the Inmyel Freezer Cube on the website here.