Instagram Famous Parisian Pastry Chef Coming to London

The internet loves him, Parisians rate him highly, and now Londoners will also be able to experience Yann Couvreur's delights first hand through a new pop-up coming to Claridge's in Mayfair.

Couvreur is best known for his eclairs, eye-catching tarts and his signature Paris Brest, alongside other baked delights. His work will be available for purchase in the venue's foyer for a limited time this week, running from 4th to 11th September. Check him out and we'll wait to see your images on Instagram too.

The award-winning pastry chef has curated a new Elevenses menu for Claridge's Foyer and Reading Room, as well as adding some Parisian features to the traditional Afternoon Tea menu. Rumour is that he will also be opening a more permanent residency in the capital off the back of the pop-up, but with concrete details still to emerge we can only sit and wait in anticipation.

Find out more about the pop-up here.

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