Introducing 2023 Trend Summit Speaker Amelia Boothman

You may have already seen the recent announcements of speakers at this November's 10th annual Food and Beverage Trend Summit, including Kate Hofman, GrowUp Farms, Reniera O'Donnell, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Dominie Fearn, The Wild Hare Group.

Now, with just over 2 months to go now until the Summit, we're pleased to introduce our latest speaker and a regular now at our Trend Summit event, Amelia Boothman, Associate Director at 1HQ.

Amelia has worked over the years to identify key cultural phenomena and semiotic interpretations through her studies of Experimental Psychology, allowing a greater sense of emotional connections to be ascertained between consumers and their consumption of food or drink, as well as the social backdrop to these behaviours.

She will be joining us to discuss the 2024/25 'Social & Cultural' forces and drivers in Food and Beverage, both in and out of home.

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