Introducing Cashew Fruit Meat, A Sustainable and Versatile Plant-Based Meat Alternative

Cashew fruit meat makes its introduction in the US market this month thanks to Cajú Love and its sustainable plant-based meat alternative. The company is diverting bio waste and using the fruit fibres as a plant-based meat alternative, making its healthy, vegan, organic and whole food cashew meat sustainable while promoting 0% food waste.

The cashew nut and cashew juice industries throw away millions of cashew fruits every year. Using the discarded but nutritious fibre promotes a sustainable solution to waste from the juice industry. As a by-product, cashew fruit meat doesn't require any additional water or land for production, making it one of the most sustainable meatless options.

"When I found out that cashew nuts grew on a fruit that was considered waste in the nut industry, I knew we had to do something to change that," explained Felipe Barreneche, Co-founder of Cajú Love. "The fruit is full of health benefits and cooks just like chicken, pork, tuna and ground meat - it is delicious. My mission is to share with the world a quality whole food plant-based meat alternative that is good for you and sustainable."

Rich in fat, fibre, minerals, protein, tannins and vitamin C, cashew apples fight inflammation, protect brain health, and support healthy blood sugar levels. They also enhance physical fitness and reduce oxidative stress in the middle-aged and elderly. Sweet, acidic and a little savoury, cashew fruits are meaty. Apart from being easy to cook and made from one nutritious ingredient, Cajú Love's organic cashew meat is also GMO, gluten, preservative, and soy-free.

"Our goal is to make it easy for people to make a positive impact in the world and their life through their food choices. Everything we consume directly affects our health and the health of our planet. Cashew fruit meat is an extremely nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle and one of the most sustainable food options. With every cashew meat pack you purchase, you are helping divert food waste and reduce water and land use for food supply," said Alana Lima, Co-founder of Cajú Love.

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