Introducing categorywatching - Baking

We've just released our bakery category trends report to subscribers of categorywatching.

As well as the 13 mega trends, opportunity areas and hundreds of trend manifestations, we wanted to share a couple of interesting take outs with you.

Our Bakery categorywatching report takes a look at influences on bakery, future opportunities, and then breaks down each of the macro trends around the topic that we have identified.

Convenience is key

Consumers have precious little time and baking from scratch can feel like a luxury few can afford. However, at the same time consumers are equally seeking out the home-made artisan quality you get from baking yourself. This is where quality convenience solutions presents as an opportunity to cut out some of the time and mess, whilst not compromising on ingredient integrity or the satisfaction of home-made.

e.g. Chilled cookie dough, Doughlicious, UK

Unrefined rules

From rough rustic buttercream décor to fresh thoughtful seasonal flavours and raw ingredients, in every part of the bake we see a move towards a simpler, more 'natural' artisan product. As consumers increasingly re-connect with nature, in all aspects of life, we see manufactured uniformity become undesirable and 'less than perfect' individuality flourish.

e.g. Rye, maple syrup & Cyprus sea salt brownies, Violet Bakery, London

The new influences

The cuisines and cultural influences we have been used to in bakery, such as classical French and fun Americana, have competition with a new wave of influential cuisines coming to the fore. From South America to the Middle East and Asia, bakery is incorporating the taste, formats and ingredients from these regions, opening a whole new world of opportunity.

e.g. Baked egg manousheh, The Lebanese Bakery, London

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