Introducing Food & Beverage Trend Summit Speaker, Eleni Yianna Hogg

We're pleased to welcome Eleni Yianna Hogg to our Trend Summit this November, Marketing Lead and NewFish, an international team based in New Zealand reimagining New Zealand's seafood.

Eleni joins us to talk about how NewFish are reimagining seafood, from ocean based charcuterie to new foods based on super potent protein rich micro algae, in a bid to replenish our relationship with the ocean without compromising on flavour or sustainability.

Who are NewFish?

We are an international team with global ambition and roots in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are seafood specialists, award-winning chefs, international marketers, biotechnologists and designers. We love food, especially seafood, and want to instigate positive change by bridging timeless food traditions with new technology and the imperative of improving the sustainability of our global food system.

From our Queenstown culinary lab to our Auckland R&D Pilot Plant to our partners in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mexico City, we experiment with ideas that combine the old world and the new. We focus on excellence, launching future foods that do not compromise on flavour, taste or sustainability.


Eleni Yianna Hogg joins an exciting list of thought-provoking key notes & presentations on 22nd November covering all aspects of the food and drink industry, to truly bring our Annual Trend Foresight Predictions for 2023/24 to life.

The years 2023/24 are set to see a monumental shift in food and drink. Immerse with thousands of other industry influencers from across the globe at our upcoming Trend Summit to be inspired and 'make sense' of the future food and beverage trends horizon for 2023/24. Find out more about how you can join us in November here.