Introducing Food & Beverage Trend Summit Speaker, Julia Kessler

We're excited to be joined by Julia Kessler at our Trend Summit this November, founder of Nix & Kix, a brand bringing a refreshing new spark of adventure to soft drinks.

Julia will be sharing her founding inspiration and purpose, how challenging beverage brands can balance commerciality and social impact in a strategy that works for everyone, as well as how to think and operate like a start-up and be prepared to test, learn and fail fast.

Who are Nix & Kix?

We think it's time for more and better choices when it comes to soft drinks. We love different and we love better which is why we are here - we want to bring better taste, better for you and a refreshing new spark of adventure to soft drinks. We're passionate about creating great taste without compromising on health. That's why we don't take short cuts or use unnatural substitutes for real flavour. We've learned that when you take the time to explore, nature provides all the ingredients you need.

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Julia Kessler joins an exciting list of thought-provoking key notes & presentations on 22nd November covering all aspects of the food and drink industry, to truly bring our Annual Trend Foresight Predictions for 2023/24 to life.

The years 2023/24 are set to see a monumental shift in food and drink. Immerse with thousands of other industry influencers from across the globe at our upcoming Trend Summit to be inspired and 'make sense' of the future food and beverage trends horizon for 2023/24. Find out more about how you can join us in November here.