Introducing Food & Beverage Trend Summit Speaker Kirk Haworth

Our 9th annual Food & Beverage Trend Summit returns this 22nd November, streaming live with an exciting range of guests and keynote speakers. Introducing speaker and Michelin star chef Kirk Haworth.

Award winning chef, Kirk Haworth is the co-founder & head chef at Plates London, a plant-based venue creating high-end food experiences and creative concepts while celebrating all that nature has to offer.

Our food ethos combines old-world training with new-world techniques to develop a unique way of elevated, plant-based cooking. Inspired by chef Kirk Haworth's personal health journey, it takes a plant-based diet without gluten, sugar, meat, fish or dairy and lifts it to a standard worthy of a Michelin-trained chef.

After winning the North West Young Chef of the Year award at 17, Kirk went on to work under the world's top chefs at The French Laundry, Restaurant Sat Bains, The Square, The Quay and Northcote. In 2016, a diagnosis with Lyme Disease led him to overhaul his lifestyle and explore a plant-based diet in pursuit of health. After discovering that an anti-inflammatory diet without meat, gluten, refined sugar or dairy reduced the intensity of his symptoms - the Plates food ethos was born.

Kirk joins us at the 2022 Trends Event to discuss his personal journey into plant-based eating and cooking in more detail, where he balances health and wellbeing, without compromising taste or creativity through his medicinal plant-based fine dining concept plates.

2023/24 will be years of monumental shift in food and drink - Immerse with thousands of other industry influencers from across the globe to be inspired and 'make sense' of the future food and beverage trends horizon for 2023/24. Find out more about how you can join us in November here.