Introducing Food & Beverage Trend Summit Speaker, Poppy O'Toole

Introducing the latest guest to our upcoming Food & Beverage Trend Summit, Poppy O'Toole - chef, author and social media sensation. Poppy is a Michelin-trained chef as well as being a TV personality having appeared as a host and judge on this summer's Young Master Chef and more recently on E4's Celeb Cooking School. On her own channels, Poppy has amassed well over 3m social media followers, being a leading TikTok star and Instagram influencer, going by the name 'Poppy Cooks' online.

Poppy joins us to share her insight into the role that social media plays in the evolution of food, as well as about her new book and personal platform Poppy Cooks. She'll also be discussing food skills in the UK, and sharing insight with us as to why she has championed the humble potato, going as far as declaring herself the self-titled 'Potato Queen'.

You can find Poppy on Instagram here.


Poppy joins an exciting list of thought-provoking key notes & presentations on 22nd November covering all aspects of the food and drink industry, to truly bring our Annual Trend Foresight Predictions for 2023/24 to life.

The years 2023/24 are set to see a monumental shift in food and drink. Immerse with thousands of other industry influencers from across the globe at our upcoming Trend Summit to be inspired and 'make sense' of the future food and beverage trends horizon for 2023/24. Find out more about how you can join us in November here.