Introducing Melbourne's Canele Only Online Cafe

Canelé Alain is brought to you by an authentic Frenchman, expert in making this ancient French recipe to perfection. Welcome to Melbourne's Canelé-only online bakery.

A hugely popular French sweet treat that dates back to the eighteenth century, this rum and vanilla flavoured pastry filled with a custard centre and finished with a caramelised crust is such a draw for Frenchman Vincent Uso that he's set up this Melbourne outlet delivering nationwide.

Made from a simple recipe passed down Uso's family, his deliveries come in either original, orange & Cointreau or pandan flavours, as either a 6, 8 or 15 box or in vegan or low gluten options too. Having baked regularly for his friends after moving to Australia, the venture eventually started after COVID put much of the country into lockdown. "I had nothing else to do but be at home and start something," Uso explained to "It started very humbly. It is still very small, but people really like it, and I am very pleased with it. I want to pay tribute to Alain. He passed away two years ago, and that's why I created the company and called it after him as a tribute. It all comes from him."

He now baked to order in Melbourne as well as shipping across the country together with heating instructions to finish at home. As well as serving a growing number of individual customers, Uso now also caters for weddings, parties and events too as part of the growing business. We're sold! Find out more about Canelé Alain here.

Lead image credit - Canelé Alain Facebook page.