Introducing planetwatching - our latest trendhub content stream

We're delighted to announce that we have just launched a new key content stream within trendhub Essential and Enterprise called planetwatching - the new home for all food and drink relevant, planet, sustainability and ESG trend content.

We know that our global food system is a significant contributor of GHG's, bio diversity loss and waste across the world and whist it's a complex problem, there many examples how businesses and brands are leading the way to satisfy the needs of consumers to reduce the impact of their food & drink choices. These include reducing carbon emissions, cutting food loss/waste, and restoring nature, whilst at the same time supporting farmers and producers locally plus abroad to grow enough food for us all.

Our comprehensive content covers everything from cutting-edge technologies in cellular agriculture and waste transformation, to agri-tech, regulatory changes, packaging innovations, and opinion-forming research and commentary. With our global network of experts, you'll receive the latest planet-related trend insight and foresights, so you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions.

In today's and tomorrow's world, building planet consciousness into all business and brand decisions is a prerequisite. Planetwatching will support you in shifting your business to a 'tomorrow space' with distilled, reliable, digestible and actionable trend insights, keeping your business relevant in this rapidly evolving force of change.

trendhub Essential and Enterprise subscribers can access the new planetwatching stream on the hub.

If you're not yet a subscriber but are interested in accessing planetwatching and our other content streams then get in touch using the form below.