Introducing the Latest Crust Offering from Virtuoso Pizza

Dr. Oetker, a family-owned company with more than 125 years of delivering high quality food experiences around the world, is proud to announce the launch of a new Virtuoso frozen pizza variety in the U.S. – Virtuoso Classic Crust.

The new Virtuoso Classic Crust is a thick crust that is crispy on the outside and light and airy on the inside, topped with a signature sauce and a combination of fresh-picked vegetables, flavourful meats and delectable cheeses. For years, Dr. Oetker has been committed to delivering pizza that brings home the simple and joyful pleasures of time well spent with family and friends. Now, with the arrival of Classic Crust, the company adds a new option for Virtuoso fans.

"We are incredibly excited and proud to introduce Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Classic Crust," said William Whalen, Executive Vice President at Dr. Oetker USA. "Our aim with Virtuoso Classic Crust was to bring pizza fans a thicker crust option with the same great taste and convenience they've come to love about our Virtuoso Thin + Crispy Crust varieties."

Formerly known as Ristorante Pizza, Virtuoso first launched in late 2016 with bold new packaging and a fresh name to epitomise Dr. Oetker's celebrated qualities of artistic excellence and skill.

Virtuoso Classic Crust is currently available in five new flavours:

  • Kale & Bacon Ricotta: A mouthwatering combination of fresh-picked kale, crispy bacon, a unique blend of 100% real cheeses including mozzarella and ricotta, red onions and Virtuoso's signature sauce
  • Margherita: An Italian classic with a unique combination of 100% real shredded mozzarella cheese, sun-dried and fresh-picked cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil and Virtuoso signature sauce
  • Mediterranean Style Chicken: An exotic mix of sliced seasoned chicken breast, zucchini, black olives, colourful bell peppers, red onions, 100% real mozzarella cheese and a creamy tzatziki sauce
  • Pepperoni: Savoury slices of pepperoni, 100% real mozzarella and Emmentaler cheeses and Virtuoso's signature sauce
  • Vegetable & Goat Cheese: A farm-to-table combination of fresh-picked red bell peppers, red onions, sun-dried marinated tomatoes and a unique blend of 100% real cheeses like mozzarella and goat cheeses
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