Introducing the New and Improved menuwatching

We're excited to announce the relaunch of our menuwatching service for trendhub subscribers! Following feedback and a some fundamental changes, we're proud to present this new and improved service.

Following the launch of the first version of menuwatching, we closely followed client feedback and observations, and went away with our development and content teams to rethink how the subscription works - to define how you can best access the information most relevant to you and your business.

What's changed?
It's still menuwatching, but now with the articles, reports, infographics and videos that we know trendhub subscribers love. We're still looking at all types of outlets, from fast food to find dining, QSR to coffee shops. But, our focus has now switched to being international to find Out of Home trends inspiration from around the globe. Plus, we'll include examples from the world of drinks, and we'll also be publishing quarterly seasonal summaries, to look at those larger, overarching trends.

What's live currently?
The new menuwatching service already has a number of articles live. These include:

- An educational deep dive into the trending regional pizza varieties in America.

- A look at what is trending on Kids' menus from fine dining to casual.

- An article in conversation with chef Tom Brown, of the popular Hackney restaurant Cornerstone, about his food philosophy and the key dishes and techniques showcased on his menu.

Find out more about menuwatching by visiting the section on the trendhub here. Not yet subscriber? Get in touch today.