Irish Lager Infused With Lucky Shamrocks Debuts In Dublin

The luckiest lager in the land? Irish brewer Le Grá, meaning "with love" in Irish, has released a new premium Irish lager infused with shamrocks for luck.

Speaking about the new beverage, the brand's website says, 'The Spirit of Ireland, Bottled Le Grá means "with love" in Irish, and that's exactly how we brew this enchanting craft lager. Born from a passion for Irish heritage, each bottle captures the warmth, camaraderie, and unbreakable spirit that flows through the Emerald Isle's pubs and bars.'

Le Grá combines 100% Irish ingredients, including real shamrocks added during the brew for an infusion of supposed ancient luck and fortune, to create the new 4.5% ABV golden lager which carries a rich, smooth taste with subtle fruit notes and a refreshing finish. But the brand says it's more than what's in the glass - it's about honouring the values of faith, hope, love, and luck 'The MAGIC is Within' symbolized by our iconic four-leaf clover.

The new lager officially launched this month at the infamous drinking spot, The Morgan Hotel's Temple Bar in Dublin, where visitors were able to try the new beverage for the first time whilst enjoying Irish music and entertainment.

Find out more about the Le Grá brand and new lager here.