Is Food a Fashion? Chaat Magazine Article

Food undoubtedly trends but is it fashionable? Thinking about recent crazes that have occurred, one could definitely say yes – well an accessory at least. These days it’s the done thing to be seen with a bag of flavoured popcorn and macaroons to match your outfit. The sliced white loaf is packed off to the charity shop in favour of its upmarket artisanal walnut loaf which has to been eaten alongside a craft beer.

This month, Wayne Edwards of thefoodpeople spoke with Chaat magazine and commented that they believe that popcorn in particular has become a food phenomenon because “it hits a few trends”. He explains that, “Sweet and salty combinations such as salted caramel are everywhere, and it links to the comfort of American-style dining.”

Others such as Rashima Bhatia of the Indian restaurant Rasoi feel that food trending has reached its peak but has safe-guarded itself by weaving the trends of the last five years throughout the menu.

If ingredients have finished trending then what next? Dining concepts. Think cinemas that serve really good food while you watch a movie (nothing too noisy to eat please!); eating in the dark (nothing too messy!)

If we have to pick the food equivalent of timeless Chanel classics, then it’s likely to be street food. A slow burner coming up from the rear of years of authenticity in its native countries to the carts, caravans and bicycles of the western world.

So, again, is food fashionable – undoubtedly!