Istanbul Bao Restaurant Coming To Monument, London

Turkish Bao company is set to open its first UK location, with a restaurant in the City of London later this year.

Serving its Eastern-style filled buns with what it's describing as "untraditional fillings" which include falafel, tuna with corn capers, veal kebab, or hoisin duck. Pairings for the ingredients include green spinach, red bean, black bean or plain.

Baran Dumanoglu, BunCo Managing Partner, said: "People are bored of eating the same things, so using quality and tasty ingredients, we have revolutionised the street food culture in Istanbul, and can't wait to share this with our new customers in London.

Bao buns continue to rise in popularity in the UK, and the capital in particular, with restaurants such as Bao, Yum Bun, On The Bab, Bun House and many others continuing to grow. This also fits well into the mega trend we identified in our 2018/19 Food and Drink trends, Experimental Freedom. Discover more of our trend predictions over on our trendhub.