Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day

Already well known for his work on improving healthy diets for children, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is launching Food Revolution Day, an international call to action to help raise awareness of what he calls a global health crisis. Food Revolution Day is Friday 20th May.

Jamie Oliver told the BBC: "Food Revolution Day is a global day of action to really shout about the importance of food education around the world, but the revolution goes on every day - from School Dinners 11 years ago, The Naked Chef 20 years ago, it's about celebrating food. I think the thing to remember today is that from five year-olds under, globally, we've got 41m kids that are over weight or obese and 159m that have malnutrition that are stunted in their growth - that's a terrible thing."

Food Revolution Day is going out to 10 countries with 10 groups of chefs, together with local celebrities, each taking a different slot to celebrate local food as local food problems - the event will be the biggest live Facebook stream to date.

Find out more on what it's all about on the website here.