Jamie Opens Union Jacks

Jamie opened his much anticipated new British concept Union Jacks last week, thefoodpeople were amongst the first to sample the delights during week one.

Union Jacks is livelier, cheaper and even younger than his other formula restaurants. Union Jacks combined flat breads (aka pizza) combined with retro feel starters i.e. prawn cocktail or fish fingers and puddings such as artic roll. The "flat breads" are no ordinary pizza, no, they're baked thin and crisp and topped with unique and very "Jamie" toppings, we tried the Glocester Old Spot with slow cooked pork, quince, fresh shredded apple, melted Stilton, watercress and crunchy crackling and it was oh so yummy.

Our view, it'll be a roaring success, it combines feel good British flavours with one of the nations favourite foods pizza - cant go wrong.