Jams, Spreads and Cereals Categorywatching Report

Our latest Categorywatching report is out, taking a look at jams, spreads and cereals, including how the pandemic has influenced consumers' leisurely breakfast habits.

Alongside a sweetened touch, health remains of huge importance as functional ingredients and lower sugar options trend. As we set about our day with more freedom since the end of most lockdown restrictions, jams and granola move out of just breakfast territory as they come through at anytime - savoury porridge for dinner? Why not.

We've pulled three of the main takeouts from the new Jams, Spreads and Cereals Categorywatching report to give you a feel for what to expect in the full article.

1. Beyond Breakfast – Jams, spreads and cereals have been used for snacking for a while. However, as we take to barbecuing more often in the UK, and as more of us gather to eat together, jams and spreads are playing a bigger role within savoury – think lavender marmalade marinating a leg of lamb.

2. Even Healthier – Health has been at the forefront of our minds and as consumers look for nutritious starts to the day, there's even room for an additional boost. Blended grains or nut butters containing up to eight different nuts and seeds combines so many nutritional benefits. And as we look towards even more functional health, focus takes its place alongside gut health with adaptogens such as liquorice added to jams and more of hemp seeds in cereal.

3. Craft – Consumers are seeking touches of premiumisation and are stocking their cupboards with thoughtful, staple ingredients. From sympathetic backstories to rose petal jam that has been picked by hand or single origin chocolate spread, it's in the detail.

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