Japanese Fast Food Chain First Kitchen Intros French Fry Ice Cream Sundaes

In a bid to raise its profile in Japan against the giant McDonald's, and other reputable names, fast-food chain First Kitchen has introduced a new, head turning dish to its menu - French fry sundaes.

Being unveiled this month at First Kitchen and First Kitchen/Wendy's branches nationwide are two variants of the new Dessert Potato, each build by taking a plate of fries and adding Hokkaido dairy-sourced vanilla ice cream. Additional chocolate sauce and sprinkles then complete this sweet - savoury. Alternatively, for a more authentic Japanese taste, theres the Cream Zenzai Potato, which takes the first dish and adds sweet red beans and kuromitsu syrup.

It's yet to be announced as to whether these additions will become permanent on the menu, but before then customers can experiment in this contrast of flavour extremes. See the English version of the First Kitchen menu here.

The new French fry sundaes fit in with our Savoury Made Sweet feature in foodwatching last October. Read the report to see what else we've identified here. Can't access the report as you're not a trendhub subscriber? Get in contact to find out how to sign up today.