Jason Atherton Opens Gourmet Hot Dog Restaurant In Harrods Dining Hall

Popular chef Jason Atherton is this month opening a new gourmet hot dog restaurant in Harrods Dining Hall - Hot Dogs by Three Darlings. The new venue will replace Atherton's current Harrods restaurant, Harrods Social, which closed its doors late June, with the new venue set to be open from 25th July.

Hot Dogs by Three Darlings is set to feature a select range of five globally-inspired hot dogs, Koffman fries, sundaes, and drinks too. There will also be a rotating celebrity hot dog with proceeds going to charity.

The setting for the gourmet stand is a 25-seater restaurant with an all-counter dining space. We'll keep an eye out for more details, including the dogs featured on the menu, as soon as we see them.

Image credit - @hotdogsbythreedarlings on Instagram