Jetzees The New Pizza Sandwich From Jet's Pizza

Sandwich lovers rejoice! Jet's Pizza has created a new and exciting product...the Jetzee. It's unique to Jet's. It's everything you love about a sandwich but reinvented for a one-of-a-kind taste sensation.

The Jetzee starts with Jet's deep-dish pizza dough, baked into a crunchy golden crust. Then it's topped with butter and romano and then layered with the freshest ingredients. There are nine different options available: Italian, Veggie, Chicken Parmesan, Grilled Chicken, Ham & Cheese, Meatball, Pizza, Steak & Cheese, and Tuna. The Jetzee is unique to Jet's…the same company who has been offering up their famous deep-dish pizza for over 35 years.

"The pizza category is very competitive," explained Jet's Pizza Director of Marketing, Kevin Tosolt. "We wanted to offer pizza lovers something different and very delicious. The answer was the Jetzee – Jet's newest sandwich creation. And Jet's is the only place offering it."

"There are lots of great flavour combinations," Tosolt continued. "And each is made with the highest quality ingredients and our famous deep dish crust. Jetzees are really delicious. We're very excited to offer them to our customers."

Find out more about the new creation on the Jet's Pizza website here.