J&J Snack Foods Introduces Pillsbury Churro Bites

J&J Snack Foods Corp. is strengthening its partnership with General Mills with the launch of Pillsbury Churro Bites. The bite-sized, traditionally Spanish treats, combined with a household name like Pillsbury are sure to cause a stir in the mainstream retail industry.

Often referred to as Spanish doughnuts, churros are now a popular dessert mention, with growth of nearly 30 percent on restaurant menus since 2012. For consumers looking to enjoy churros at home, Pillsbury Churro Bites are the perfect versatile dessert for anytime of day. Served up with a cinnamon sugar topping, these delicious, authentic, pastry snacks make any occasion special.

"Pillsbury Churro Bites are a fun, innovative and exciting snack to add to the J&J Snack Foods portfolio. The product is convenient, shareable and enjoyable for all," says Vice President of Marketing, Alissa Davis. "They are ready in minutes, giving a warm and delicious flavour to every bite."

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