Joe's Southern Kitchen & The Rib Man Issue Heat Warning

Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar in Covent Garden has teamed up with The Rib Man, East London’s street food sensation and meat maestro, for Christ On A Bike HOT Chicken. This special new dish is proving to be the hottest fried chicken in town.

Created by Head Chef Mark Jeevaratnam, ‘Christ On A Bike HOT Chicken’ uses The Rib Man’s extra hot sauce and promises to set London’s mouths on fire. The dish features buttermilk and hot sauce marinated chicken, pressure fried in Joe’s classic Southern seasoning then coated in The Rib Man’s famous ‘Christ On A Bike’ hot sauce. The hottest chicken in London comes served with a cooling corn bread muffin and slaw and it is available for 2 months.

Mark Gaveux, better known as The Rib Man is a butcher famous in the London Street Food scene for his rib rolls and even better known for his range of scorching hot sauces. Definitely not for those who shy away from chilli, the Rib Man’s Holy Trinity of Hot Sauces range from ‘Holy F**k’ to ‘Holy Mother Of God’. With a huge fan base, The Rib Man’s sauces grew so popular that demand began to overtake supply. After a successful Kick Starter campaign, Mark has now converted an old shipping container into the Rib Man’s hot sauce factory, allowing him to make as many ‘Christ On A Bike’ hot sauces that the city can handle slathered on their fried chicken.

The Rib Man is very excited about the collaboration. “Ever since I came away from that first tasting session I haven't been able to stop thinking about the Christ On A Bike chicken. Make sure you get down to try it as you too will be blown away!”

Serving up American Deep South cooking with Southern hospitality, Joe’s menu features the flavoursome, succulent and belly filling dishes characteristic to areas like Louisiana, North Carolina and Alabama. In addition to the venue’s hottest new addition, ‘Christ On A Bike HOT Chicken’, which is available for 2 months, Joe’s signature dishes include ‘Beer Can’ Chicken, succulent Slow Cooked Ribs and Big Apple Hot Dogs. These are all served alongside Deep South 'mama's' favourites such as devilled eggs, collard greens, mac 'n' cheese and cornbread. Joe’s dishes are designed for sharing with friends, getting your fingers dirty and your face sticky – a treat for all the senses.

Available until 22 November

Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar

34 King St, London, WC2E 8JD