June Over The Years - Exploring Our 17 Years In Food & Beverage Trends EBook

In our second monthly instalment of breaking down what's been happening in specific months over the years we take a look at how June has featured using content from our 17 Years In Trends EBook.

thefoodpeople was established in 2005 rooted in our purpose to shift the future of food and drink by inspiring and informing people, business and institutions to harness the power of trends and foresight. Why do we do what we do? Well, we believe that food & drink connects us all, by working with our community, industry and our collaborators, positive impact in food & drink can shape a better future for all.

Since then a lot has changed across the food and beverage landscape, change that we've looked to capture in our 17 Years In Food & Beverage Trends E-Book. We look at what events, people, culture, regulations, technologies, and products defined these years, as well as the changes and impact on these for the future. So what highlights have we captured over the years in the month of June?

June 2008 - Raw food emerged as a trend in the UK. Raw Fairies, the UK's first raw food delivery service, opened in London, serving raw, organic and vegan dishes to private clients, yoga studios, spas and health clinics. Jamie Oliver opened his first Jamie's Italian in Oxford, LA-based drinks company Activate Drinks launched their range of functional drinks utilising a clever design which kept the water separate from the added vitamins and minerals to avoid the loss of potency whist sitting in water. And Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago won the James Beard Award of Outstanding Chef.

June 2011 - Government's austerity measures started to pinch in the UK. Rises in VAT and National Insurance made families, on average, £54 a week worse off, according to findings by Scottish Widows. First Lady Michelle Obama and Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin unveiled the new USDA's food plate, MyPlate. And outside of the food and beverage industry, it was the month which saw Christine Lagarde become the first woman to be elected head of the IMP.

June 2016 - A survey of almost 10,000 people conducted by the Vegan Society and Vegan Life magazine revealed that the number of vegans in the UK rose by more than 360% in the last decade. Burger King launched a spa experience in Helsinki enabling customers to eat their burgers and fried in a sauna capable of seating up to 15 people ... a pop-up concept for a limited time! Orange wine was the new wine, whilst in the UK Brexit began.

June 2018 - The month in which we held out Culinary Congress at Hawker House, London, welcoming a number of the world's best chefs, mixologists and innovators for a two-day exploration into trendsetting cuisines and culinary innovation. Osteria Francescana in Italy was voted number one in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, whilst Sri Lankan cuisine was having its trending moment, developing a global culinary identity of its own rather than being conflated with Indian food.

June 2022 - Last year we saw broccoli infused wine hit the shelves in the UK in line with English Wine Week. Over the pond, Florida was awarded its first Michelin Guide, as did Dubai where we saw nine one-star restaurants in the city. One of London's hotly anticipated restaurant openings for the year opened - Covita, whilst IKEA partnered with Infarm to grow three in store herb gardens in Germany with the aim of motivating IKEA employees and customers to live healthier and more sustainable lives.

So much has happened in the month of June over the years - discover more in our 17 Years In Food & Beverage Trends E-Book. Find out how you can get your copy here.