Kids Menu In Focus - Thomas Keller's Mexican Restaurant

We've seen a rise in the complexity and adultness of children's food menus over the pasts months and years, so Thomas Keller's new Mexican restaurant menu was quick to catch our eye.

Well known for The French Laundry and Per Se, Thomas Keller returns with his first Mexican venture over in California and while the menu itself was pretty special, the kids' menu is the one making headlines. Little ones can choose one entree item and a dessert for a much lower price than the adult equivalents - with dishes including Quesadillas, Tacos and Tostadas.

We covered the popularity of kids' menus in our menuwatching report last October, looking at what's trending including small adult portions, global flavours, DIY dishes and much more.

A mixture of parents wanting their children to eat the same foods that they do, combined with the increased knowledge and availability of global and more niche flavours, the young generation are definitely eating much more exotically today, and this is reflected in what's offered in the restaurant menus we come across.

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