King's Coronation seasonwatching Report

After the historical weekend that was the King's Coronation, and with so many opportunities to celebrate (especially with an additional bank holiday!) – we take a look at innovation within food and drink in our latest seasonwatching report. Creative flavour and format twists look set to last way beyond the weekend – think locally bought roast lamb using East-West flavours like sesame oil, soy sauce and mustard, or more-ish Victoria sponge cookies.

We've highlighted three key takeouts from this latest seasonwatching report below to give you a feel for what to expect in the full version which can be accessed by tfp trendhub subscribers via the link at the end of this article.

1. Sustainable Choices – King Charles is a long term advocate of sustainable practices, and parts of the Coronation reflected this. From upcycling a historic throne that had originally been commissioned by Edward I, to the quiche made with seasonal produce chosen by the King and Queen as the signature dish, there's a thoughtful approach running through celebrations.

2. Picnic Worthy – The stunning weather towards the end of the weekend (for many!) marked the start of summer picnics. Shareable options were enjoyed with pork pies and foot long sausage rolls, and changing up fillings, flavours and accompaniments modernised the alfresco occasion. A pork scotch egg with coronation mayo dip is so delicious, such innovation is likely to last way beyond the celebrations!

3. Iconic Classics – Victoria sponge, trifle, tea and biscuits … Iconic British classics were enjoyed in both their simplicity, and with new flavours and formats. Strawberries 'n cream custard cream biscuit or shareable trifle bar, anyone?


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