Kirin's New Electric Salt Spoon Available For Purchase, Enhancing Salty & Umami Taste

Japan-based food & beverage enterprise, Kirin has launched its new Electric Salt Spoon into retail this month - an innovative spoon which uses electricity to enhance salt and umami flavours.

With the new spoon Kirin is aiming to help solve the social issue of excessive salt intake, having developed the product through joint research with the Meiji University Dr. Homei Miyashita Laboratory of the Department of Frontier Media Science, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences.

This tableware-type device is equipped with technology that enhances the salty taste perceived when eating low-sodium foods by approximately 1.5 times, using a unique current waveform.

The daily salt intake of Japanese people aged 20 and over is 10.1g, which is much higher than the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommended salt intake of 5.0g.

Initial sales are limited to 200 units in Japan, but further retail will continue after June. Find out more about the brand and the product here.