Kit Kat Decadence - The Chocolate Treat Gets The Golden Touch In Japan

There's a golden shimmer to your favourite chocolate treats in Japan as Nestle's Kit Kat is producing a special edition gold edition bar but there will only be 500 of the single bars made and sold, at an astounding 2,016 yen ($16) a finger - so they're only for the lucky few.

The limited edition 'Sublime Gold' one-finger treat is coated in gold leaf and carries a rich, bitter chocolate taste. The bar will go on sale at chocolate boutiques in eight high-end department stores from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

"In Japanese convenience stores, consumers are used to having new varieties all the time," Nestle Japan spokeswoman Melanie Kohli told AFP.

"Japan is a very unique market. We have made it a luxury product," Ms Kohli added.

"Not like you probably remember from your childhood. It's a special occasion, to celebrate the end of the year."

Photo from AFP