Korean Corn Dog Spot Bunsik Opens Second Location In Embankment

London's Korean corn dog hotspot Bunsik, which opened in 2021 in Charing Cross serving hugely popular Korean-style hot dogs & other street food, has announced a new venue coming very soon in Embankment.

The term 'bunsik' literally means food made from flour in Korean and it's often the phrase used to refer to affordable Korean QSR dishes. The first location has proved a big hit since opening its doors, with Corn Dogs trending over the past year in general. It's small menu features six corn dog options, as well as cupbap - rice in a pot with toppings, and Ddukbokki - fried rice cakes.

The six corn dog options are:

The Original - pork sausage
Half & Half - pork sausage and mozzarella
Octo Legs - Mozzarella with octopus legs-shaped pork sausage
Potato - pork sausage with potato cubes
Potato Mozzarella - mozzarella with potato cubes
Cheese & Cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and cheese sauce with potato cubes

We featured the increase in popularity of corn dogs over on trendhub back in August in a foodwatching report on the Korean street food, looking at classics, fillings, coatings and generally how the trend has been manifesting over the past year.

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Find out more about Bunsik here.