Lancashire Pub Sells Pints For Price Of A 1952 Pint In Honour Of The Queen

A pub in Lancashire, The Entwistle Hotel, paid homage to the Queen after her recent passing in a unique and respectful way, by selling pints at 6p, the price they were when she ascended to the throne in 1952.

The move was largely well received after the public house made the announcement online on Friday 9th September, with pints dropping to just 6 pence from 10am the following morning for the first hour. Customers were urged not to be "too greedy" if they were coming down to enjoy a drink the day after the Queen had passed, rather doing so respectfully and paying their own respects by doing so.

The move comes after the price of beer has continued to rise during the current cost of living crisis, a purchase that's often considered a bench mark for rising costs by many in Britain.

We at thefoodpeople will be paying our respects to the Queen's lifetime of service on the day of her funeral, Monday 19th September, with a pause on all activity and the closing of business for the day honouring the national bank holiday to allow our team to bear witness to what is an historic day in all of our lifetimes.