Latest Quarterly Trend Reports are Out

At the end of each quarter we produce our Quarterly Trend Summaries, across foodwatching, drinkswatching and healthwatching. We've just published the latest reports, covering October to December 2017, summarising the reoccurring themes that we (and you!) have seen over the last three months. Looking at the major topics, products and movements that seem to be establishing themselves as trends.

We see countless trends and fads every month, but our reports focus on those that are really gathering momentum.

Here's a little insight into what's included in each of our latest reports:

foodwatching - looking at everything from the latest global favourites that are breaking borders, to the renaissance of a popular comfort food, bread. And a closer look at the ever-growing delivery boom, with more and more innovation in food and tech, the delivery sector continues to grow. Find out what's been happening by reading the report here.

drinkswatching - people are thinking more and more about the environmental impact their food and drink choices have, and we see brands adapting to this awareness. Another theme is the increasing wish of consumers for a flavour surprise - more bold, punchy flavours are coming through across both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; we investigate. Find out what's been happening by reading the drinkswatching report here.

healthwatching - it's been growing for a while, but now we can class Vegan as mainstream with household names and high street chains adapting to the needs of those cutting out animal products; while we continue to see a rise in convenient health options - fitting into the ever busier daily lifestyle. Find out what's been happening by reading the healthwatching report here.

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