Lifestyle Cooking App eGrocer to Help Reduce Food Waste

Wasted food and poor nutrition are closely related problems of the Standard American Diet; now, a new mobile app called eGrocer is ready to tackle these challenges and deliver immense benefits to consumers. eGrocer launches for Android on 14th April, and later in the month for iOS users. But visitors to the website can sign up with an email address to receive early access to this powerful new kitchen tool.

"eGrocer does what all other food apps do plus all the things you would want it to do for you," says Richard Messier, founder of Rich Thomas LLC. "This is the first lifestyle app which is able to make the best decisions for you. Families are strapped for time more than ever, but eGrocer gives people the ability to create and implement a meal plan quickly and within their budget. In fact, eGrocer generates a precise meal plan faster than most people order a pizza. The app will ultimately help everyone save money at the grocery and send less food to landfills."

eGrocer's core features all work together to help individuals and families to plan smarter, eat healthier and throw away less food which is cost saving. From a fitness and wellness perspective, the app makes meal and diet suggestions based on users' body mass ratios and activity levels. Less time spent agonising over shopping lists and scouring recipe books equals more quality time for busy families.

Efficient pantry management is how eGrocer tackles the problem of food waste in households. Users create an inventory of their ingredients, then the app automatically updates shopping lists based on what's remaining. eGrocer can also offer advice on how to make optimal use of the pantry. Ultimately, the app will provide a rich source of data that can introduce a new level of efficiency in home cooking.

Finally, eGrocer offers a "smart" approach to recipes. Rather than just a collection of ideas, the app actually makes suggestions based on saved user preferences. Likes and dislikes, allergen information, past favourites, difficulty and prep time all factor into the app's presentation of recipes. Every eGrocer recipe includes important data like calorie counts, ingredient counts and prep time. Users can review and comment on each recipe, helping others to know what to expect when trying something new.