Lindt Celebrates 65th Birthday Of Iconic GOLD BUNNY This Easter

This Easter season, premium chocolatier Lindt USA is celebrating the 65th birthday of Lindt GOLD BUNNY. Lovingly dressed in gold foil with a red ribbon, this worldwide symbol of Easter has been adored by people of all ages since 1952 when it was first masterfully created by Lindt Master Chocolatiers. To help families prepare for the holiday, Lindt tapped Joy Cho, founder and creative director of the popular blog, to design exclusive Easter basket ideas that feature the iconic, premium chocolate bunny.

Chocolate is an essential part of Easter traditions. Families look to fill their celebrations and baskets with premium chocolate to create cherished memories. Lindt GOLD BUNNY elevates an Easter celebration, as it is made with the finest ingredients for a delightfully smooth finish that looks beautiful and tastes delicious. The beloved recipe was created by Lindt Master Chocolatiers, whose unrivaled craftsmanship, dedication and passion produce the best tasting, most sophisticated chocolate creations. Lindt GOLD BUNNY has been the #1 selling chocolate bunny in the U.S.1 for seven consecutive years, and in its 65th year, the GOLD BUNNY collection continues to grow, offering many premium chocolate varieties and presentations to enhance festivities.

"Lindt GOLD BUNNY has made Easter celebrations special since first opening its eyes to the chocolate world 65 years ago," said Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. "As we celebrate the icon's birthday, it's remarkable to see that Lindt GOLD BUNNY is still the ultimate chocolate experience of the holiday and a joyful tradition for families."

To find out more about the Lindt brand and the products it has lined up for this Easter holiday, visit the website here.