Little Roots Convenient Frozen Baby Food Bulbs

Convenience and low waste are front of mind for many brands in the food and drink industry today, and it's along these lines that US baby food brand Little Roots is launching a new frozen bulb product to offer an alternative to the plastic squeezy pouches usually used to package baby foods.

Little Roots claims that research shows pouches can actually hinder development in babies as they're already born with the natural instruct to suck, and therefore rather need to learn how to hold and feed themselves. The second side to the new bulbs is their environmental friendliness, using mostly recyclable packaging.

Back at the end of 2016 we covered the changing scene of baby food in a November 2016 foodwatching report, part of which covered the rise in the frozen baby food category. Read the full report over on our trendhub here. Find out more about the Little Roots brand over on its website.