Lockdown Care Packages and Sweet Treats from Australia

We might be out of lockdown here in the UK but it's not the same everywhere with intermittent lockdowns over in Australia seeing people revert to lockdown food kits. Here's a look at what we've seen over the past weeks from down under.

Messina's Lockdown Snack Pack
With a continually growing popularity for Messina Gelato in Sydney with speciality desserts seeing many through lockdown and they've come through with the goods once again with their latest 'Lockdown Snack Pack' - a two dessert combo designed to pair perfectly when consumed together.

Firstly there's the bake at home sticky brioche, a caramel custard filled pastry with choc chips all covered in gooey malt caramel. And all you need to do is stick it into the oven to cook. To accompany this sugary treat, Messina is delivering a tub filled with layers of their popular vanilla custard gelato, cheesecake mousse, topped with a rich cheesecake crumble.

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Pasta Self Care Packs
Author Elizabeth Hewson has slowly been building a movement in Australia following the launch of her book Saturday Night Pasta with people all over the country taking to social media to upload their dishes and tagging the SNP trend. At the end of July, in time for the latest lockdown period, Hewson launched her new Saturday Night Pasta Self Care Packs. "Here is to self-care in all its shapes and forms. And this one's packaged up in pasta, cheese and bread," Hewson said.

A number of different packs have been made available since launching, with the first featuring basil and spinach tagliolini ready to be tossed with some creamy, soft Italian La Tur cheese; Grana Padano and then a garlic and rosemary focaccia to mop the dish, finished off with local rocket and a bottle of nebbiolo to go with.

"And because you'll no doubt be eating it in your trackpants, the pack also includes a calming eye mask (for what promises to give an 'instant lifting effect') and a restoring hair mask (which is meant to fight off split ends and god only knows how many we all have now) – both by French beauty brand La Biosthetique. This is my kinda self-care," says Hewson.

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Sonoma Lemon Meringue Doughnuts
Leading Sydney bakery Sonoma has recently introduced a delicious-sounding limited edition Lemon Meringue Doughnut - the team took their signature sugar doughnuts and stuffed them with lashings of lemon curd and a thick slice of toasted meringue.

For those living within a 5km radius of one of these bakeries, the limited-time-only sweet bakes offer up the perfect treat to lift spirits during lock down.

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